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Aleksanteri Aaltonen


Well-accomplished Microsoft and certified 35-year-old senior architect, self-proclaimed software guru and a can-do consultant with experience starting from childhood use of Turbo Pascal and various home computers with various ZX and ST badges on them. Some education from the University of Helsinki (CS) combined with the professional career of more than ten years means I've amassed quite broad technical knowledge I get to apply every day. Whilst I no longer get my paycheck from daily coding, I still maintain the capability as a hobby and whenever I have work-related opportunities to do so. I speak more than just code i.e. I regularly engage co-workers, other professionals and customers from all levels no matter the audience size.

I'm currently on a mini sabbatical. My previous employers include the likes of EVRY, Innofactor, Accenture, Avanade and Lionbridge.

Since nobody needs a lone wolf, I’ve also taken the time to learn how to succesfully lead both fully local and distributed teams from both within and outside of the European Union and even adopt most of the related legalese. Regardless of the given or self-formed cross-functional team I tend to be decisive, but still I try my very best to get the trust of the team through agile coaching and facilitated discussion regardless of my actual position or ownership of the team. I tend not to practice any specific religion of delivery methodology obsessively.

I’m native in Finnish, fluent in English to the full professional proficiency and I also know some Swedish and German. Despite being a tough well-boiled consultant and keeping the big sky-high perspective always in sight, I’ll ponder and always try to take the time to stop and help someone with that pesky kernel exception in windbg since I just happen to enjoy making someone else succeed too (hey - it's a free ego boost and a chance to get that guru reputation!)

Fun fact – I’m a proven 700+ keys per minute typist!

I welcome and highly value all valid networking opportunities:

I can be reached via e-mail at or via Twitter @alluaaltonen or as a last resort by phone +358 40 8411 056. Very aggressive spam filters are in place, so please use LinkedIn as the primary means of contact.

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